Friday, March 12, 2010


I am not sure I like the way my blog is going, I read lots of other blogs from people I know,and don't know in cyberspace and mine was only ever intended to be me ranting about stuff, posting my new purchases etc rather than a specific theme and I think I am becoming too influenced by some other blogs and not being true to the trivia that I used to post,so I am going to try and get it back on track if I can.
I know I post less of the day to day stuff nowadays, but thats often because I don't have time and then forget the funny stuff or feel like I can't because its work stuff that I dont want to be too open about and also I am more boring than I used to be.

So, I found out that ex-M@W is now living with his new GF.This doesn't come as a surprise as I could see it happening and I predict she will be pregnant by the end of they year.I know her ex (randomly) who told me and surprisingly it didn't hurt me in the gut like it might have done, but obviously I have thought about it because, yet again I put up with the fuckwittery and then he goes on to be happy.What a bastard.Still, I am trying to never think about him again.On a good note, I bought a set of these chairs which I have coveted since I first saw them

x2 and 2 of the Louis carvers

these new boots for work
it pisses me off that we have to buy our own boots for work,I always have done as I don't like the ones they issue us but technically we have to have certain requirements for our boots because of the environment we work in (not that I do!) yet the job want us to pay for them??These replace the ones I was wearing that were knackered-the tread had gone completely and these are very bouncy so I have been running around to test them out!
And these for the new place
a Habitat daybed, a bargain from Ebay.This is for the second bedroom as I dont think it should just be a bedroom, more of an office/wardrobe.
This cushion, I got this from a fab little shop my friend introduced me to in Essex.It was only £10. Oh, and I have lost 6 lbs and learnt that you are supposed to put a space after a full stop or comma when typing, which I honestly did not know before. I also have learnt that pressing F5 on your laptop refreshes the page!! How did I not know this stuff?


Leia Anderson said...

I start to feel like that too. Influenced by other's writing which may or may not be a good thing I guess. I feel like just so long as you don't change your own point of view it's okay it may just be another way to express that point of view.

PS having to buy ugly shoes for work always blows but if there is one thing my crazy mother has taught me is keep those receipts! Tax write off! You totally get that money back.

Love and Excelsior!

George Saint said...

I love the concept of getting back on track to be totally random and off the rails, brilliant and brightened my day.

As for influences, don't be so worried about that, don't they still teach that psychobabble about perception and frame of reference. Everything we do is affected and influenced by everything around us ... unless you're entirely fictional like me.

Keep it rightside up and enjoy

Random London Girl said...

Hehe you make me laugh, I didn't know the F5 thing either though :/ The chairs and day bed are absolutely stunning!!

How annoying about M@W but you are so good for not being hurt about it.

TheSovietChairman said...

It's hard to get a balance between funny/personal/silly.

I've re-invented my blog many times :).

As long as you like it-- all's well :).

Roxanne-and-Lorraine said...

I'm pretty sure any blogger can relate with feeling "off-track.' Eff tracks, however. You do what you want. :)

That pillow-thing is amazing! Any chance "do waht you want" involves donating that pillow-thing to a complete stranger?



thoughts running through my head.... said...

haha!!!do you mean the rose cushion??its so unuseful,but cute and only a tenner (£10),I think the seller also has an email account which I will try and find for anyone who really wanted one!

Kat said...

PLEASE don't stop showing your purchases...i love seeing what you buy, what you have to say or rant about, IT's ALL GOOD!!!!!!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

George!!!you're not real???!!!

thanks Kat!

Anonymous said...

My ex is currently doing the same. I give them 6 months before the baby rumors... lol.

I'm loving your blog. I'll definitely be following. Check out mine, I think you'd especially like it as well.

Facebook: Madison Boyfriendshopper

Daughter of the King said...

Hello I was just blog hopping and stumbled across your lovely blog! I want those chairs too, they are divine! Re the ex chin up, Im going through heartache too and it sucks big time hence why I have started a blog. Anyway keep going with the blog, I like it :)

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

The Brunette said...

lol thats funne re the full stop, I was telling my colleague that the other day and they did not believe me!

The chairs and day bed are gorgeous xx

Stacey said...

I happened upon your blog and really enjoyed. You made me smile! Thanks for sharing. If you get the time check out my blog at Hope you don't mind if I periodically check in.

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ClassyGal said...

I love those chairs, very chic!

My New Favourite Thing said...

I've wanted those chairs for ages! A fab investment x

Raisa said...

Know thyself... the unexamined life is not worth living...

ooh and

to thine own self, be true!

Rydia Lavenia said...

I love the chairs you bought... soooo jealous!!

Great blog! I really like it!

kitty<3 said...

You have some really cool stuff on your blog! :D