Saturday, May 22, 2010

I went to a car boot sale today. I was supposed to be doing a sale of my own but got drunk last night and didn't sort anything out, yet strangely woke up really early at about 4 am so I got up and went to a sale for a reccy. I bought quite a bit but only clothes, which is the opposite to what I normally come away with, some of it will be going on Ebay-not that I can be bothered with all that faff anymore but I got some things so cheap that it will be worth doing. The things I'm going to keep are;
River Island pale skinny jeans-a sample and a great fit
River Island linen shorts-another sample not 100% sure about these.
a pink silk kimono jacket/top-by a make I've not heard of before.
Teal Miss S slouchy top.
a fringed jersey scarf
Ash wedge sandals
H&M military style cardy.
I'll upload photos when I can be bothered to take some, I'm so knackered today I should have been out for drink tonight but my drinking mate stupidly nicked someone and has to work a bit of OT, this may mean I will get out of bed and sell some stuff instead of buying it tomorrow morning.

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George Saint said...

Somehow, imagining that lot as an ensemble is giving me a headache. Heaven help your new place when you turn up for plain clothes duties, I suspect they will be far short of plain.