Monday, September 27, 2010

money money!

H&M teatowel

H&M guest towels

H&M teatowel

H&M shower towel
vintage jug 50p

charm bracelet 20p
key pendant 20p

necklace (?) 20p

Chandelier earrings 20p

necklace 20p

Uggs £20

All Saints tee £1.50

All Saints tee £1.50

make up palettes £8.99 each

This is what I've bought over the last few weeks,the towels and teatowels are from H&M Home online,theres some lovely things on there and so cheap! The t-shirts and jewellery are from a car boot sale I went to,all bought from the same lady.I also bought a maxidress from her and the jewellery was such a bargain buy at 20p a piece.The Uggs I paid £20 for but although they look a bit washed out here they are dark brown and barely worn,seeing as I live in Uggs in the Winter I had to get these.The make up pallettes I bought after seeing them on this cute blog bubblegarm.
The little jug is a vintage one I pad 50p for,I had to get it for the colour which is lovely.


little miss said...

Wow you got some bargains down at the car boot, I especially love the All Saints tees :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Great purchases. I have a bit of a thing about teatowels, they look amazing. xxx

Kate said...

Amazing bargains - love the all saints tees! x