Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I went with my colleague to a salon that offers fish pedicures, she was nervous about it and I was giving it the big 'I am'  until I actually had to put my feet in and they all went frenzied towards them!I did it, but it takes about 5 minutes for you to get used to the feeling of fish sucking at your feet,its ticklish and there was one big one who I could feel nibbling away more than all the others which I didnt like!
My feet were soft at the end of it but not overly so,so I'm not sure if I'd go again unless it was for the fun factor of it!


nicoletta said...

They had these in my local shopping center and people were sat there in front of everyone having this done, it looks kind of gross but if it works then i suppose it's worth a try. I would be worried it would tickle too much though. Just found your blog and following xx

Kate said...

I'm reading aboutthis everywhere - I really want to try it! x