Monday, October 25, 2010

beauty buys...

1st photo:False lash mascara, so far so good but I think I prefer the Colossal.
rounded eyeshadow brush.
Batiste dry shampoo-I dont even need this as I still have some expensive dry shampoo I bought ages ago but I wanted to try it.
Eyelure individual eyelashes, because 3 packs were not enough!
navy blue nail polish.
MUA eyeshadows in pale gold and pale pink-bargain!

2nd photo:
my favourtite Soft&Gentle 'shower fresh' anti perspirant-I love love love the smell of this!
Strawberry Carmex
3x Miss Eyelure false lashes,I seem to have gone lash crazy atm not sure why as I dont wear them to work but these are a mix of styles so I will wear them in the daytime To make me look like Cheryl Cole *
clear mascara for my eyebrows
hairnets for work,actually these are rubbish they keep ripping!
hairbands in 'blonde'-the perfect size at last, most hairbands are too weak to hold my hair or only wrap round twice and are too loose,these are perfect.

*if only.


My New Favourite Thing said...

Ooh, what was the dry shampoo like? I've recently discovered and can't believe I've lived without it for so long!

Olivia xx

thoughts running through my head.... said...

its good, I haven't used it for years but definitely a must have for overnighters, Batiste is better than the Lee Stafford one I had.Get some!x