Monday, October 25, 2010

Virgin mobile 0/10

If you were thinking of using them for your mobile phone provider, take a rec from me and don't bother! Their customer service is shockingly bad. My Blackberry developed a fault and when I phoned up they told me someone from IT would get back to me within 48-72 hours,after 4 days I rang up only to be told that it would be within 7 days,after 7 days I rang again and the 1st 2 occasions noone had even initiated the request for a call from IT,dont know what IT were going to do to fix the faulty screen from an office anyway!I finally got a replacement for my 6 month old phone 2 weeks later, AND they implied I had damaged it which I hadnt.

So guess who will probably go back to their old service provider when her contract runs out?

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