Thursday, December 02, 2010

its been an age

and I'm not sure I really have anything to blog about anymore, my life is rather boring of late and I'm not into turning this into a fashion/beauty blog or posting pics of myself on here! I have, however bought some new footwear,
a crazy, ridiculous buy but I do this on occasion, I skimp on stuff I really need and spend a fortune on something I don't actually need. I arrived home and got a card to say they are waiting for me at the post office....oooohhhh!!!!

 They're here!!

I also just ordered these

I randomly saw an ad for them on someone else's blog and Googled reviews, which came up favourably, they are £67 but I managed to find a 10% discount so got them for £60 plus £10 p+p, fingers crossed they fit ok as I have wanted a chestnut pair for ages to replace my long gone original Uggs from 8+ years ago. Actually I sold those tatty old things on Ebay for a decent price as you couldnt get Uggs easily back then, but never replaced them although I do have a tall sand pair (now slippers) a tall black pair (Love from Australia) and a short brown pair (Ugg Australia) and I sold a tall brown pair with the ribbon front as I couldnt walk in them properly! I know lots of people slate Uggs but I don't shuffle in them and they are a great thing to wear home from night shift. Apart from that I think all I have bought is a black chunky knit snood, a total bargain from Primark for £4 and a black knit baker boy hat, also Primarni! I dis also get a diamonte headband from there that would look fab worn 20's style if I dare!