Friday, February 04, 2011

super-long eyelashes, here come!

I splashed out on a tube of LiLash yesterday after reading lots and lots of reviews online, and all of them good. I initially wanted LiBrow as my eyebrows are thin and sparse, not sure why they are so thin as I did pluck them when I was younger but they were never that thin, infact I had fairly big eyebrows when it was fashionable to have big brows! Anyway I was recommended to get the LiLash as you can use it on both brows and lashes and for a pricey (£88!)  beauty treatment I thought this would be the best option so I could play around with the results.

I've never done a beauty review before as I'm more of a clothes and shoes fan that make-up, but because its interesting to see how LiLash works (or doesn't!) then I thought I would document the results, especially on my eyebrows as I think thin brows are so ageing.

I got my LiLash from Powder Rooms 
which is the only approved  U.K stockist so at least you know it's genuine and not out of date or anything, and check out the free sweeties!

Here are some horrific 'BEFORE' pics of my thin brows and eyelashes, my skin looks dreadful I think because I've been stuck indoors since my op but I hope I will be able to post some great results on a weekly basis.

Actually, I think my eyelashes look longer IRL than they do here, but you can see my eyebrows are way too thin. I have a fringe but normally fill in the gaps with eyebrow pencils and brow gel so I suppose its watch this space!

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Annette said...

Actually your eyebrows are fine.
I am a female Dennis Healey!
Mine are so bushy.
I can't pluck them tho, too painful.So I get a razor and just slide the razor over my eyebrows, that tidies them up.
let us know how you get on tho, please.