Friday, February 04, 2011

recent buys

I have ordered, and sent back, so much stuff since I've been stuck indoors, luckily most of it was free post and free returns so I've not paid out for postage. I cant hardly remember what I've posted and what I haven't so here it is!

La Redoute parka, this was a random find to fill the River Island parka shaped gap in my life! I love parkas and have a grey one from FCUK which I've gone off and 2 khaki parkas, both of which have seen better days and have now been relegated to plain clothes for work purposes! I thought this was a bit pricey when it arrived as it was £55, and I thought about returning it but then saw online that it was reduced so I rang them up and asked could I have it at the sale price (£33) and they said yes! Can't believe they did but that is a better price for it as its not that thick but seeing as we should be heading for spring soon enough I think it will be perfect.

ASOS-this cute top, I saw a girl wearing one like this in December OUT IN THE SNOW whilst I was working wrapped up in multiple fleeces and scarves, and I thought how pretty it was. I shall be wearing it in the summer though!
This ASOS skull upper arm bangle.

 A vintage lace jacket, this is so much better on-the sleeves are really puffy and I love it!
 Vintage look bag from ASOS, I seriously love ASOS at the moment, they used to be so crap too!
and this Topshop leopard cardigan that I had wanted when I saw it instore but didnt buy as I had spent a fortune at the time, then regretted but finally managed to track down on Ebay BNWT! It was meant to be mine!

Oh, and lastly (for now) a Topshop t-shirt with necklace attached, I cant find a photo though so I'll have to add it later. I saw this top on this brilliant blog  and then on Jenny whatserface from Snog Marry Avoid , I hasten to add she sthe presenter not one of the girls on it! Anyway after seeing it twice within 2 days I tracked it down and its lovely!


Vintage Vixen said...

I love that lace jacket so much. I bet it'd look brilliant with skinny jeans and a little singlet. xxx

thoughts running through my head.... said...

thats exactly how I plan to wear it! It looks so much better on as well.

devilishlypleasurable said...

Oh I love ruffles, and that ASOS top is divine. Let's hope for warmer weather soon :)

Adrienne said...

lalalalove the asos top! i'm all about anything ruffles.

kirstyb said...

ah i love everything - way jealous xxxx

Anna said...

Love that Parka! That's a must have piece, so easy to wear!

Pearl Westwood said...

Great buys there, I would like a new parker or a mac for spring - it is still far to cold up North to shop for one yet thoug! x