Sunday, August 28, 2011

new clothes!

I have tried to keep the momentum going on the blog but I am currently ill AGAIN which is disrupting my plans! I am not the sort of person who is ill very often so I find it all highly frustrating and a bit embarrassing, since June I have been realy quite ill 4 times now-1x bad cold, 2x ear infections, 1x stomach bug, at least I think thats what it is as I cant get to a GP's and the nearest walk in centre is in a horrible part of London that I am not going to on my own and the BF is working NHC, so I have self diagnosed. What a waste of a BH weekend.
Anyway I bought these new treats on a rare day off last week from H&M.
Crombie inspired coat
mesh back shirt
heart cardigan
longline top with dress shirt neck


Annette said...

I'm sorry you,ve been ill, and so many times. I must admit a lot of my friends have had colds and they just can't get rid of it.
Those clothes are gorgeous especially the cardi.
Hope you feel better soon.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Sorry to hear about you being ill. Ear infections are horrible. I used to get them loads as a child and they are horrendous :o(.

As for the clothes, I love the shirt and the cardi :o). Really, really cute :o).
Really love the picture at the heading of your blog though, brilliant! Very apt too :-D.
Hope you feel better soon and your boyfriend can pamper you a bit :o) xx.

My New Favourite Thing said...

Oh you poor thing, I've been stuck in the house for the past week and a half after surgery so I know how you feel! Thank goodness for H&M treats to cheer you up, eh? Hope you feel better soon.

Olivia xx

RosMari Brand said...

Cute stuff!

Lalalala Jess said...

ear infections are the worst! so painful. i had one last week. get well soon :)