Monday, October 30, 2006

backstabbers....a rant.

It never ceases to amaze me that grown men whose lives and jobs could well depend on me will act like little kids and back stab me to save themselves from getting in the shit,I am refering to my colleague who has already stitched me up once recently,so I have been very wary of him since-today he quite literally washed his hands of the shit that was hitting the fan and tried to let me take all the blame for HIS job,the knobber-he got all irate when I asked him why he hadn't taken charge of HIS job,so now I have stitched him up in a professional manner,known to those who have more experience in the art of 'covering your back'.How true the advice was when I was told 'always keep your stab vest on in the office'.I am not happy.
Stil,I saw the 'white van man' at the petrol station,so that cheered me up somewhat.

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