Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Went to the fashion magnet Primark today,and actually got some cute things,this bag to satisfy my Ramona needs, Image and video hosting by TinyPic,plus a cute broderie anglais 60's dress,a brocade coat,bangles,and a snakeskin belt form H&M,and a cute camisole from Miss S.I feel better now-who says retail therapy doesnt work?


Polly said...

Lomie, please don't confuse me when it comes to shopping. Do you mean you got the everything from Pradamark apart from the belt or did you get the bag from Pradamark and everything else from H&M. This is important shit man!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I got the snakeskin belt from H&M for £10,and the rest from Primarni!!Hope that answers your query reader!!!**snigger**

I really wanted the wing earrings,but they never had any!There are pics on HB.

Polly said...

The dress sounds wicked. I want it. Picture please! The wing earrings, I can try to pick you up a pair next time i am there but not sure when that will be now I have the Reg!

Tip off, go to the Miss S website and call them up saying you tried to order the black foldover knee boots or the brown knee boots in the sale yesterday for £7 and you couldn't check out. They have gone up to £60 today but they will honour them at £7 if you call them first.


thoughts running through my head.... said...

Right,I cant take a pic of the dress as its black and my camera is shit,but its on the 'cheap sweep' page of this weeks Heat!The wing earrings,I would love if you could get me some,someone off the Bag offered but I've not heard from her again,they are silver and gold in a set are they not?And I will try the Miss S scam!!!
Actually,Primarni also had beautiful raincoats with a full skirt and gathered cuffs,but they did nothing for me-they made me look hippy,and I have no hips to speak of!

Polly said...

A-ha I've seen it. Very nice.

I *may* be popping to manc tomorrow morning (if Dirk's Mum will look after the Reg) so i will get you a pack x

thoughts running through my head.... said...

wicked!!!I'll love you forever if you can,I will pm you my mobile number,as you know,I will always pick up things for you too.
BTW,I couldn't get through to Miss S,never mind!!!