Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I could have killed one of mine today,he really did my head in!!I havent worked with him long,but my god he is annoying-he just talks and talks about boring stories that go nowhere and are all about him-he is one of those people who ask you a question but don't give you time to answer before they are telling their own anecdote!

We met at 7am to do some enquiries/observations and straight off he was getting his facts wrong telling me why something needed to be done (I bloody know already) and generally talking to me like I was a retarded 5 year old.Then he was getting in my way whilst I was looking out for my suspect-correct me if I'm wrong,but I need to see the person to arrest them you KNOB!!!

I had hours of this,then I get back to the office and had to listen to EXTREMELY LOUD WOMAN shouting across the office,if I was in charge I'd tell her to pipe down and shut up,but I need to be on my best behaviour for the time being,but I was really near tearing my hair out today.

I have a low tolerance threshold obviously.Oh,and btw,stop bloody calling me WPC,it pisses me off!!!

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