Saturday, December 09, 2006

I am very bad

I went out last night and got slaughtered,and ended up snogging a friend of mine with whom I have always had a flirty friendship,I feel bad cos he's got a partner and kids but I can't behave myself when I've had a drink or 2 and there is chemistry there.I have got a few male friends,and luckily most of them are gay so its no issue,but I think I only have a couple of male friends with whom nothing has ever happened,like Carrie Bradshaw says in SATC,'can men and women ever be just friends?' maybe not I think,the attraction is sometimes part of what makes you both get on in the first place .

I paid for it last night though,I was so drunk I nearly fell asleep on the train,then walked home and woke up to be sick in the middle of the night!!

Classy eh?Still,I wore my Warehouse leopard dress for the first time and it looked good,managed not to wreck it either.


Natasha said...

Naughty Lomes! Ah, don't beat yourself up about it, we've all done things we regret, part of life's tapestry! x

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I know-it wont ever go any further,but its got me wondering 'what if?' now! dammit!

totallyun-pc said...

I've not seen that much animal print since they stopped wednesday nights at the Epping Forest country Club.