Sunday, December 17, 2006

my love affair with........

Primarni is well known,so today was my day for my monthly shop and I came back with the following;

a black pinstripe suit-£20,really not bad at all seeing as most suits make me look like a sack of spuds,this will be fab for court!

just realised that the jacket came up as £5,so the suit was £13!

grey tailored trousers £10-lovely fit.

black balloony sleeve top £5 looks much better on and doesnt hang off my boobs!

yellow vintage look t-shirt £3

purple stripe top with scarf £4 or £5

white seamless vest £3,these are so good,I have one in black too.

black thermal style vest £2

tawny blusher £1

black eyeliner with sharpener £1,not sure I can wear black,but its worth a try,I want to do rock chick eyes!

leopard ballet flats £6 for when my others bite the dust!

black and white snakeskin ballet flats £6

4 pairs of knickers,the nice ones too.

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