Thursday, April 03, 2008

didnt know where to start,its been so long

over Canary Wharf

amazing picture over Whitehall

So I thought I'd just jump in with this-on Tuesday-the Red Arrows flew over where I work,so we all trotted out into the yard to see them until the guvnor said maybe its an April Fool joke?Luckily it wasn't,and they flew over us,but they were so fast I forgot to take a picture on my new phone,duh!This is the said phone-pink and girly,but someone has to take a stand in a sea of black and yellow.

its quite good so far as it has a 5mp camera and macro,pretty good for a phone I think,I kept getting offered super-phones but I couldnt get how to use them all I want is a pretty phone that texts easily and takes good photos.

*pictures not taken by me,borrowed off the BBC site


Girl*Next*Door said...

Love the Red Arrows, used to practice over the Cotswold hills here all the time before they moved base. (I'm pretty sure they've moved base. Don't see them nearly so often now) You'd see them that often that it became a normal thing. They're fantastic!

Nice phone T, I'm still stuck with my W800i. Too attached & comfortable with it to trade it in. Lol

thoughts running through my head.... said...

they are fab-we used to go and see them alot when I was a kid,the phone is ok so far,quite easy to use-I got a good deal too by subtly threatening to leave which always works!!

Annette said...

The red arrows are fabulous.
Saw them in Eastbourne once.
Love to see them again.