Saturday, July 25, 2009

my latest craze...

is car boot sales,I went to one today and was excited at what I bought;

this wooden box £2.50

these Uggs,£1-they are to wear in the house when my toes get cold!

I also got a pretty ceramic jug and oval serving plate for 20p each-the jug I have just washed and will sell when I do a boot sale to get rid of my junk!I couldnt say no for 20p.
a GOSH hoody-one of those from the Wags boutique programme-£4,ideal for work.
and new make up for £6,Body Shop concealer,Revlon nail polish x2 and a No7 Radiant glow moisturiser.

1 comment:

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Very good bargains - I haven' been to a car boot in so long.

I want to put my Uggs on now - its freezing!