Saturday, July 04, 2009


I decided last weekend I wanted to move flats,quite alot to do with the sort of people who are moving into the area and because I crave more privacy than I currently have.So once I decided,I have a list of things to do;

1.get a valuation-done but I need to get some more,not convinced about the valuation really as the prices seem so variable atm in my neck of the woods.
2.finish painting the front of the flat-er,I started it but its been so hot!
3.finish off those little jobs I couldnt really afford to get done before-made some progress.
4.find out about extending the lease-done but the freeholders are quoting £20k-£20k!!!I dont bloody think so,I have also found out about lease extension advisers who negotiate on your behalf,theres no way it should cost this much,the p*sstaking gits!
5.decide on an area I like that I can afford and is near a tube or overground station-been looking like mad on Rightmove.
6.decide exactly what to look for-I have a 1 bed flat atm,so it seems mad to move to another 1 bed unless its in a really fab area (unlikely) so I would need a 2 bed maisonette or house (not sure I can afford it).I also realise I really need a private garden,my garden atm is divided down the middle and although there is a fence up,its just not private enough for me.
7.find out how much I can borrow-initial enquiries done.All I can say is it varies so much,but is more than I thought might be on offer. am going to d a car boot sale to get rid of some stuff and have some auctins on Ebay.

I do love my flat but I can see myself getting more and more unhappy with the lack of privacy,I will be sorry to leave some of the neighbours though some of whom have lived on this street for 40 years or more!

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♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Good luck hun, hope everything goes well xx