Thursday, July 16, 2009

moving updates (not much to report)

1.get a valuation-had the standard 3 estate agents round the give me 'valuations' and I have picked one who I thought would do the job best,he has said to market offers in the 'region of' which I'm hoping will work out best price wise.
2.finish painting the front of the flat-er,I started it.I have bought a proper roller though cos its so hard to paint over pebbledash (not my choice)
3.finish off those little jobs I couldnt really afford to get done before-made some progress.or,yes *some* progress!I did buy a paint runner-which is a roller that you pour paint into and isnt supposed to not splatter everything in sight with paint,this is good because I am a messy painter,I managed to get paint on my house keys keyring (Gucci) and on my dress doh!
4.find out about extending the lease-still need to get this sorted,I might have to get a chartered surveyer involved.(more money)
5.decide on an area I like that I can afford and is near a tube or overground station-been looking like mad on Rightmove,the trouble with my job is that I only remember the crimes in an area and I'm getting paranoid about moving next door to some scrote.
6.decide exactly what to look for-ideally I would like a Victorian detached house (rare and certainly not going to happen on my budget!)but realistically should be able to just about afford a small Victorian 2 bed.
7.find out how much I can borrow-been to see a mortgage advisor and have to go again this Saturday-theres an hour of my life I'll never get back! rid of some stuff on Ebay and actually made some money!!Car boot next if I can bear it,anything after that I'm getting rid of!

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