Friday, September 04, 2009

wardrobe re-think

I was reading somewhere (possibly a blog?) how men like Jenifer Anistons style because its simple and unchallenging and they understand it,rather than say fashionable clothes that most women would recognise and admire and covet,and its made me think about the sort of things I wear,and buy-but-dont wear and whether my age is something to do with that and if I should set myself a style to wear and not deviate too much outside of it?On the inside of my wardrobe I always pin up looks I like to inspire me and lots of those seem to be of well cut jeans,a floaty draped top,statement necklace,designer bag and heels so there is a theme there!
Like this;

and this.....

Things I buy but dont wear or get enough wear out of;


heeled boots
patterned dresses
winter coats-this one is due to the fact that for the last 5 years I have driven to work,I used to love buying and wearing a new winter coat!

Things I always wear;
vest tops
ballet flats
boyfriend cardigans
All Saints drape cardigans
long scarves
big bags

so I was wondering if I should buy the best of those items and give up on the things I love but dont wear?I think plainer items suit me rather than frilly floaty things and my good male shopping friend (yes they exist!)says I look better in bright colours,although I prefer neutrals generally-all my dresses are quite loud though-leopard prints,bold B+W prints,pink and purple etc.I love Lauren Conrads look-she wears quite basic items accessorised well with gorgeous bags and big sunnies and beautiful hair,these photos some up the look I like.

I have in the past worn a quite 'rock chick' look,vintage looks,but the one look that I always like is the well groomed feminine look like LC wears and I love my bags/sunnies/jeans so what do you think?


Laura said...

Its a really good idea and I think you'd feel great wearing a nicer version of your basics if your not spending cash on unwearable bits. I am a sucker for a party frock though despite not having the occasion all that often! x

The doll on fashion

geek_kitten said...

Interesting thoughts. And yes, I think it's a good idea as well; luxury basics are great things to wear.

I suspect it may be age-related, since I did something quite similar not very long ago!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I'd like to think I wear little dresses with opaques and boots or bare legs but I tend not to as I have to get changed when I get to work anyway and go by car so whats the point?My legs are never brown enough to do the bare leg thing either!
I have always been mad on fashion but less so over the last 5-6 years as I get older and no longer work in a fashion environment,where I work noone would bat an eye if I turned up in a tracksuit!Its just hard to get your head round purposefully NOT buying certain items iyswim?

Becky said...

I think it's a good idea too. If you know you're going to wear things a lot it's worth buying the best you can. It's quite nice to have a change and wear something a bit unexpected every now and then too though I think!