Monday, November 01, 2010


I hurt my back quite badly at work the other day and so had to call in as sick which I hardly ever do as it always works against you when applying for jobs etc, but anyway, I spent the day trying to buy Take That tickets online and by phone and at the same time-I had 3 websites up and running, 6 numbers to call repeatedly and like so many fans, I didn't get any. The nearest I got to it was online, putting tickets in my basket and on clicking checkout they weren't available.This happened over and over again until I gave up. How on earth do other people manage to get through?


Vintage Vixen said...

Sorry to hear about your back.
It was the same for Glastonbury tickets, the demand was too great for the website and I couldn't get through. Luckily a mate managed to and got us some, hurrah!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

thanks hun, I have seen TT before, once before they were famous and once just after Robbie left but really wanted to see them back together again!gutted!Glastonbury must be a nightmare to get into and I know its not cheap either!!

Pearl Westwood said...

That blows, I have never managed to get tickets I wanted - unless they were for pretty bad bands LOL!