Wednesday, January 26, 2011

don't look if you're easily grossed out!!

but this is what my foot looks like after having the stitches out! In the photos it looks like a cadaver's foot but it is healing nicely.
I don't know if I actually said what I'd had done, it was a bunion op-very glam! It wasn't too bad compared to some I've seen (I should have taken a before pic) but it was causing me pain and I was finding it increasingly hard to find shoes that wouldn't rub against it, so when I found out I could get it done privately I limped at the chance (haha) as I am always on my feet in my job and I thought it would only get worse over time.
I just wish I had realised quite how long it would put me out of action, I can walk but have to wear a velcro shoe THING that I hate and I'm not allowed to bend my toe yet as it still hasn't set properly. I have only walked to my local shop at the end of my road so far and that wears me out because you end up holding your leg stiff and walking like a robot! Also I won't be able to wear 'fashion' shoes for months yet (so the hospital says) and no high heels for 6months! I never wear high heels unless it's car to bar but being told you can't wear them is making me want to so badly!

ETA: before photos.

not sure why I've got dirty feet here!

It's been very boring at home, in the week after the op I was nearly crying with boredom at being stuck indoors, I had read all my magazines, surfed the net like crazy, ordered loads of sale clothes - (now mostly returned except, bizarrely, shoes and boots) and watched all my dvd's and I had had enough! As my foot has got easier to stand on I've been having a good sort out, Ebaying stuff I don't want or need and I've started a free trial of to while away the boredom. Actually I am really impressed with Lovefilm, I think I will keep the subscription after the 14 days are up, I really like watching films on my laptop which is part of the free trial I have, ideal for if you can't sleep.
What else? I splashed out on a Dyson DC25 Animal vacuum for £230! I have never had a brand new vacuum before, I have always had hand-me-downs so this is heaven! I thought I would get one that Which (another free trial) recommended and I decided to pay more for a machine that was exactly what I needed as I have 2 lazy little cats who don't clean up after themselves, and I hope that this will help me keep my flat cleaner, with less effort from me. Its either that or employ a cleaning lady!
Here is my all singing all dancing new vacuum!*sad*

that's all! To quote Miranda Priestly!


*Zoe* said...

That looks so sore! I hope it continues to heal well andyou're back on your feet properly in no time.
Zoe x
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Louise said...

yuck not nice I had my clips out today from my broken ankle /foot and they are nearly half way up my calf yack thankfully I have a new cast on so I can't see it x Hope your on your feet soon xx

bibbitybob said...

Ouch! Bless you, hope you're feeling better soon love xx

The doll on fashion said...

Poor you, it looks so sore. I hope it heals fast and your back on your feet (sorry!) in no time!

ps: any plans to come up to b'ham in the future?! x x

Vintage Vixen said...

Ouch! Actually it's looking very nice and smooth and you should be left with a neat scar (lots of Bio Oil will help).
No heels for six months? Arggggh! xxx

thoughts running through my head.... said...

its not very sore at all, I think it loks a worse on the photos TBH! The consultant said I would hardly see the scar and I will definitely be using the bio oil and scar gel things as I've had good results with those before.
Doll-yes I will get up there at some point, probably after March when I can drive and walk better.

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Ew looks v sore, hope it heals soon hun. I joined Lovefilm and kept my trial, I really like it xx

Pearl Westwood said...

Thanks for your supportive comment on my blog. I just found out I have bunions too, about the size of yours it looks, but god they certainly never go into detail about how bad the op is going to be. Think I will hang on and see if they get anyworse, at the moment they arent painful but can be a pain finding shoes wide enough! x