Friday, June 15, 2007

Primark haul

I went to Oxford Street Primark yesterday,god it was busy-the queues for the changing rooms were massive even though they are really big,and the queues for the returns desk probably ensure they never get much returned!Anyway I managed to get a lovely white cutwork dress £12, a black tunic dress that loads of people have £6-I was going to stop buying tunics but this is good to wear with jeans and on its own and has a nice shape to it as well as being bargainous.I also got a white grandad shirt with subtle silver threads running through it,£8-very Chloe like I thought and a tan leather belt for £5 (the black bangle is a really old 80's one I bought for a fancy dress years ago that I found the other day and decided it was cute!) and being all sensible I also bought a pack of 2 storage zip up 'boxes'.Then when I was waiitng to pay,I SWEAR I saw Shilpa Shetty in the queue,I mean I know it was Primark and she's a Bollywood star and all that but I'm sure it was her-would she be in there?She was with a guy and she looked a bit rough,so maybe it wasnt her but maybe she doesn't know Primark is bargainsville?

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Girl*Next*Door said...

I want the dress!!! Like the sound of the tunic as well & your so right, with opaque tights they look really good, I have loads but I wear them all.
As for Shilpa Shetty, maybe she's a fellow bargain hunter & Primarni fan? I have also heard she doesn't look *great* without makeup, still gorgeous though. Could have been her.....