Saturday, June 09, 2007


well,I have just fallen out with my friend of approx 12 years.Its not the first time we've fallen out but it is probably the last,and none of it is my fault.She asked me to go into a small business venture with her and I agreed because it enabled me to do something I really wanted to do but couldnt due to lack of funds,and over the course of 2 weeks she's changed her mind several times from what we originally agreed and got all bossy with me when I expressed my opinion,and now she just casually pulls out of the deal over the phone.Things happen,I realise that but if I messed her about like she's done to she'd have gone mad.She is a major control freak which normally doesnt bother me cos I'm actually quite easy going with my friends and I'll go with the flow,but she is taking the piss with me,she wouldnt even discuss it and put the phone down on me.
I should have known better than to attempt to mix business with pleasure,but the worst thing is I probably won't see her 3 year old daughter again now,cos there'll be no way she will apologise and ring me (the friend not the daughter!)and that little girl is my favourite little person who last week told me she loved me.


Annette said...

Sorry to hear about this.
But if your friend is that bad perhaps it's better in the long run. Business wise I mean.
Could you really work with someone so domineering? I couldn't!
Why don't you write to the little girl and just explain that you and her mum have fallen out but you would still like to see her.(The little girl I mean) and that you still love her and want to see her, say she's your favourite etc.etc.
You'll be surprised how children understand these things.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

Hi Annette,I know,I should have known better by now,it was only an investment we were going for but she has changed the rules every step of the way,its the fact that she feels she can do this to me and wont tolerate any other option other than me going 'oh ok' when if I did it to her she would go mental!My little pal is only 3 so I cant really contact her,but thanks for the sweet thought.My ex friend might get intouch but she will never admit she is in the wrong so that puts me in an awkward position really,I cant believe after all this time she would willingly lose a friend over this!