Saturday, June 30, 2007

how much do I still love the Spice Girls???Loads!I want to go and see them when they play the O2 in December .Look at Posh's boobs,shes had them done again and why exactly is she dressing like a super heroine of late?
The Spice Girls remind me of working in fashion years ago and living life to the full with my GBF of the time,who I had kinda lost touch with in recent years,but bizarrely enough I found his number on an old mobile I have had to use cos mine is broken atm so I gave him a call and it was on his birthday too which was an added bonus,oh and he lives in Ibiza now so I am definately going to visit him when I can.
Its like 1996 all over again!


Girl*Next*Door said...

No such nostalgia for me, I was only ten/eleven when they first came out! Lol

Re sitemeter. You need to put the HTML code on your blog, sign into the site to get it verified etc then it tracks what people search for & how they've got to your blog etc.

Oh, & you're tagged I'm afraid. Can't get link to work properly so you need to cut & copy my 'more randomness' post.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

I thought I had done that,and was amazed I got it to work ok,I'll check the site.So do I need to do my own post if I'm tagged?duh

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

GND I was only 10ish too but damn I remember the fun of the SG's! I loved em! I want to go see them too!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

oi you 2-you're making me feel old!!!