Sunday, November 18, 2007

I went to the V&A yesterday to finally see this exhibition,it was very busy with lots of random people there-some of whom looked as thought they would have actually been there at the time,I'm no expert but I think the exhibition looks as though it was put together by academics rather than fashion experts.They had the dresses on modern mannequins which had broad shoulders and bigger waists than they would have had in the 40's and 50's,also some of the mannequins are ones that I used to dress back in the day so not only are they outdated,they are well near the 6 foot mark which was an odd choice for couture dresses that had actually been worn by real people rather than sample pieces,and some of the dresses weren't hanging correctly so didnt show off the amazing cut and drape that is exclusive to couture.Still it re-ignited my love of fashion history and bought back lots of memories of all the things I taught myself about fashion back in the days before we had the internet!I bought this fab door stop from the V&A shop just because it was so girly and camp-it even comes with its own fake vintage receipt!!

I also fell in love with lots of the prints that were on display,so I must try and track some of them down as I think they would look great in my flat.Whilst I was looking for images online I found this of Avedons apartment which I thought was interesting as I am nosy!
(sorry,still don't know how to paste a link on blogger!).

After going out yesterday I feel crap-I have had a cold this week so I suppose I must have pushed it to one side in favour of fashion but felt terrible when I got home,but I have to go back to work tomorrow,I hate being off as I the longer I am away the more I dont want to go back.

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totallyun-pc said...

dunno what to say to a blog about old clothes......LOL - although it does remind me of my wardrobe these days!