Monday, November 12, 2007

round up cos I am crap at posting.

I went out to a work do on Thursday and had free drinks all night-half way through the night my friend and myself toddled drunkenly off to a couple of store launches to make the most of the free drinks and the goody bags,I got this necklace which I totally love -also had loads of people who count telling me they want me back in their dept!!I couldnt believe it,I thought I had missed the boat there,so if I play my cards right I might get what I want after all.And I managed to get nicely drunk and not embarrass myself infront of any DI's or Supts!

Also,I am *going on a date* with someone from work (yes I know!)I dont know what to think about it really and I am scared of wrecking our friendship but I have missed the boat before with opportunities by not wanting to ruin things or just thinking too much so I decided to go for it and see what happens.He actually said 'thank you for making my day' when I said I would meet him.How sweet is that?This is definitely one to keep secret at work though,I hate being the subject of gossip.Not sure what will happen but sod it,I'm bored so why not?


Julia said...

Why not indeed? Hope you have a fab time!

Area Trace No Search said...

Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Ooooh good luck TRTMH! I have to agree, sometimes you just have to bite the bullet & see how things turn out :o)

& I agree, that was a very sweet thing to say :o)

SandDancer said...

Have you been on the date yet?

Love the necklace.