Wednesday, November 07, 2007

long lashes,yeah right!

I bought some of this
and its supposed to make your lashes longer and thicker in 30 days.It doesnt.I have ben going mad buying beauty stuff of late cos I can see the first signs of ageing,I have bought some SK11 whitening serum,which doesnt make you whiter (thank goodness) but is supposed to brighten your complexion,I have also just finished using Crest White strips from the US which arent available over here,probably because they strip your teeth of enamel or something,but hey-they work.My teeth are so much whiter than they used to be,helped by using Macleans whitening toothpaste everyday.Also I have bought some OPI nailpolishes,'miso happy with this color' and trafalgar square' for work and 'Lincoln park after dark' which I am disappointed with as they dont go on very well,and the dark one doesnt last very long.
I have just joined Tesco's mediterranean online diet in the hope of losing some weight,but I havent got all the right ingredients so havent properly stuck to it yet,and you have to put in how many units of alcohol you want so I lied and said 5 per week,so that I didnt look like a lush!I havent been eating as much though at work cos of the new rosters they have bought in-we only get chance to eat once during a 10 hours shift and it tends to be a late breakfast of poached or scrambled egg on toast then nothing else till we finish,I have started to make up a flask of coffee to take in the vehicle with us and the lads I work with were taking the piss,but who is always glad when we get stuck somehwere,or we are avoiding the station?I rest my case!


Annette said...

Only one break? That is wrong. You need your breaks.
That would be illegal if you worked in a shop/ factory. You should have a break every 4 1/2 hours.
I bet they are glad you take a flask then??!!

thoughts running through my head.... said...

its always been like that Annette but only with longer hours now means I am always starving at work and keep feeling a bit woosy!

Anonymous said...

After reading your peice on Double-Lash,you didn't find it effective, did you use it every night for 30 days like your supposed to?

thoughts running through my head.... said...

did it heck!!!I used it for about 2 months and it made no difference!