Saturday, December 08, 2007


its been raining hard all day so I havent been out the door even though I need to get food shopping done-I hate doing it online so it has to be in real life.I didnt get out of bed till 10 am this morning which is a massive lie in for me,I never used to be able to sleep after 8 am but I seem to be getting better at it.I had a row with someone at work yesterday which upset me,well it was more him taking the piss out of me then getting the arse when I said 'thanks for that X',he was swearing and shouting at me-I've never seen him like that before,how wrong can you get someone eh?Hopefully I can get out of that place as its going from bad to worse,is it so hard to get on with each other?I have applied for a specialist role which I have a decent chance of getting but I know loads of people who are also applying including my new partner in crime fighting who is not as good as me but is more popular and can talk about football (which seems to be a criterior* for getting on in this job).its so weird at work how some people can totally get you and like you and how others are automatically against you for no real reason,I've not had this before in a job,theres been bitchiness but considering I have always worked with other women and gay men,I had no idea straight boys were so spiteful and bitchy about everything!

All of this is giving me the major urge to do something naughty or wild,anything for a change ,work is important to me cos I spend so much time there and although there are colleagues I get on well with and have a laugh with (Burnley and whistling teeth anyone?)I really miss working with people who I really like and can have a stomach aching laugh with,and talk about things I'm interested in.

* not sure if this is actually a word or if I just made it up.


Emma said...

I can totally sympathise with you on this, I used to work in an office with 70 people and even though there were lots of different personalities there wasn't really anyone I didn't get on with.

I moved to another job and found the witches of Eastwick, I don't expect everyone to like me but I hate bitchiness, good look with the application for the switch..xx

Annette said...

I'm sorry you'll having a bad time at the moment.
Time you went to Primark, isn't it?
Cheer yourself up.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

Annette,its quite scary how well you know me!!