Monday, December 03, 2007


I love this programme,for 2 reasons-I love to nosey around other peoples homes and because I love the flashy 'dream come true-ness' of it it all.I have seen some truly awful things on there and some really 'wow,I want that' things!
My dream crib would be a converted barn or ancient house,with a modern interior whilst maintaining some original quirky features.The living room would be fitted with the state of the art tv,sound system (throughout all rooms) and open fireplace,it would have a massive crystal chandelier as a centre-piece,enormous modern (yet comfy) corner sofa and antique coffee table on a wildly expensive rug.The walls would be hung with my favourite art pieces and photographs.
The kitchen would be very modern with lots of stainless steel,a huge double oven,pizza oven (!) all appliances and space for a sofa and bookshelves full of cookery books.I'd have an antique wooden kitchen table with Starck Ghost chairs in clear around it,I would hang art on the walls and buy an American super-fridge stacked full of fresh food and a wine cellar.
The bedrooms would be a mix of modern and antique with luxurious curtains and beautiful rugs and I'd have my childhood ream of a dressing room with properly fitted hanging rails full of all my clothes,and shelves with everything neatly folded.
The bathroom would have an antique bath with a freestanding modern tap and a tv in the wall,and a mirror with lights all around like you see in theatres.
I might also have a study with my pc (one that doesnt keep breaking!)lots of books,posters and lots of mess as I dont think I could be neat and tidy overnight!

The garden of my fantasy house would be full of architectural plants and modern garden furniture and beautifully lit at night and I'd have a secret garden which is another childhood fantasy after reading the book of the same name!I'd have a little summerhouse too and a pond with fish and ducks and grow my own vegetables in a kitchen garden.

Oh and I'd have a pet monkey,some piglets and lots of cats and dogs.


Girl*Next*Door said...

Oooooh I love how that sounds!

Only things I would change is to have a few large paddocks & stables for horses. & to have more of a traditional kitchen.

Love the idea of a dressing room, imagine how much easier it would be to find stuff?! A girl can dream.... lol

SandDancer said...

It sounds nice. Can I come to stay for the weekend?