Monday, December 31, 2007

absent friends

over the course of 2007 I have lost 2 friends.I dont mean they are dead or anything,just gone!

Friend number 1 I blogged about in June,she knows she's done wrong though,cos for a girl who never backs down ,she has sent me a few texts and picture messages of her daughter and a Christmas card,I didn't send her one back,partly because I was a slacker on the card front this year,sending them out on the 22nd and partly cos I couldn't see the point?I did send her little girl a birthday card in October though cos that was different.But where do you draw the line with friends taking the piss,I like her but I cant be friends with her 'till she apologises-which will be when hell freezes over I suspect!

Friend number 2 is a girl I met whilst applying for the police way back when.We instantly hit it off,and had been such good friends,getting our offical training school pics done together,clubbing together,slagged off men together,got drunk together,stayed around each others flats.All until she met a nice bloke after tonnes of shit heads,now I havent seen her for 18 months,and that last time I saw her was only cos she wanted me to go to a concert with her.After all I have done for her,she does the classic of dumping me when things got serious with him (not that I've ever met him),she sent me a text before Christmas saying 'hello one and all.just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.I got an early xmas present and mr x has asked me to marry him and now we are officially engaged.there'll be a party in the new year and I'll be in touch with the date.hope everyone is well,love ex-friend'.I am pissed off with her,all the time I had a BF I hardly saw cos of his job and I never once let her down to see him,always went to expensive clubs with her cos thats what she wanted to do,even though I'm not much of a clubber myself,took her out for a brilliant birthday treat and generally was a good mate to her.Then she asks for my address to send a card to I guess,but whats the point?Send me an engagement card to make yourself look popular when you have your party,never mind the fact that I needed a friend over the last year!I cant even slag her off by saying she's not a nice person cos she is.


Annette said...

I remember the post you did about your first friend, the one with the little girl.
I'm sorry things haven't been to good for you with your friends.
I hope that this new year will bring you good luck and fortune.


Girl*Next*Door said...

It's crap when you do stuff for friends & are there when they need you but once it comes to you needing a bit in return, it isn't there.

For that reason I only have a handful of people I count on as proper friends. Chin up chick, it's a whole New Year & I'm sure it'll be fine 'cos you never seem to be down for long :o)
& Happy New Year, better late than never! Lol xxx