Saturday, December 15, 2007

think Sarah Beeny here...........

this is the house I have bought to let,it needs some redecorating but I am trying to do only what is necessary a la The Beeny!

this is the dining room which is being repainted to get rid of the god awful wallpaper,the carpet might stay for the time being as its ok quality-the light fitting is being changed as well to lighten the room up cos its darker than it looks in the pic.

the kitchen-awful dirty room,I am tiling the walls,replacing the floor with vinyl tiles,might be replacing the worktops but apart from painting the walls I am leaving it the way it was-with a smaller fridge.Oh,I might push the boat out and buy a shade!

the main bedroom-stripping the cheap nasty wallpaper,repainting and putting up a curtain pole-again,might have to leave the carpet for the time as I am skint now!

the hallway-dark horrible carpet needs replacing and the walls could do with a coat of paint and new shades.

the second bedroom-needs a new carpet,but its ok other than that,I will probably just paint the walls and put up a blind or curtain pole.

the bathroom,its being repainted,re-tiled and all the naff fixtures have been taken down and new stainless steel ones put back up (straight!)-I am also going to put up a new blind and a mirror and replace the taps with bargain ones off Ebay.

Now all I have to do is rent it out,which is the scary part incase no-one wants to at the price I want to let it for,oh I forgot to take a pic of the garden which isnt too bad,it has a shed and a little patio which could be quite nice in the summer.


Annette said...

Thats nice and with redecorating in certain areas you'll do fine with letting it.

Good luck.

Girl*Next*Door said...

Doesn't look bad at all T. Like you say, it's only surface stuff that needs doing, not any major structural work so I'm sure it will be fine. It's amazing what a lick of paint or two can do :o)

I'm near on positive you'll have no problems renting it with the way the property market is at the moment. I certainly wouldn't weigh myself down with a mortgage right now. Good luck with it! :o)

thoughts running through my head.... said...

thanks ladies!Its something I always wanted to do,as long as it rents it will pay for itself really-I love anything to do with property and if I hadnt have joined the police I did think about doing the other job everyone hates you for-an estate agent!!

Area Trace No Search said...

I'm looking for another place to rent and live in at the moment, I've decided that unless it has a hot tub I'm just not interested.

Perhaps I need to set my sights a little lower.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

atns,hot tub?theres an idea!I'd like to rent it out to job or other emergency services if I can,but its a bit far for you!