Sunday, September 14, 2008

counting down the days

As I said previously,'man at work' has gone on holiday.Without me but with his ex gf.How bloody wrong is that?He booked it when he was seeing her at the start of the year (which is ok cos we werent anything then)but didnt tell me about it until I found out by accident.
So I confront him and it turns out he was still going with her and her whole bloody family was now going as they are no longer together-her Mother,her Sister and brother-in-law and her (male) mate,I was fucking well raging/gutted/shocked/jealous,everything.So I told him I was calling it a day as I couldnt handle that and the fact he hadn't told me sooner.
Anyway,it put me in a weird situation because I didn't want to lose him but couldnt let him take the piss either.We ended up having a big talk and came to a 'terms of agreement' of how we would handle it,I'm still not sure if I'm being a mug but I told him to phone me before he went,he did and he texted me when he landed and he's kept in regular touch this week,so thats all good.He swears on his daughters life that nothing will happen,and like a bloody teenager I will make him do it again when he gets back as I know he wouldn't do that on a lie.
Years ago I would have dumped him and moved on,but thats never done me any favours either,so I am just going with it for now and hoping I'm not being made a fool of,'cos I am missing him.
Bloody men-I can't live with them and can't live without them.I hate all this up and down and analysing and game playing,I never cheat on partners and I'm loyal to them as well.My friends are not impressed either,needless to say,but I think I've fucked things up in previous relationships by being too cautious so I am doing the opposite with him.


Rae!xx said...

It's a tough one, but if he had paid for it and the whole family where going maybe it's not so bad.

I suppose I would be a little concerned that he didn't tell you sooner.

Sometimes though we just have to be adult about these things and trust that the other person won't betray us, hard though it is...I am sure you will be fine..xx

thoughts running through my head.... said...

cheers for the comments hun,I belive him that nothings going on,he's just a typical bloke who thinks if he ignores something,it will just go away.I think he has learnt his lesson though when told him I was calling it a day.BTW,I have lost my log-in for your blog,so I cant get into atm.