Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am in shock

I messaged this other woman and got a reply this morning,


thanks for your email. Have you seen *knobface* since he has got back from holiday? You have said that you two are over now, is this a result of finding out about me?

I'm just a little curious are either one of these your numbers:

mobile number 1
mobile number 2

I'm really sorry as i have had no idea about you or anyone else.

Miss X.

I mailed her back and said they werent my numbers (which they're not)and go this reply after 1/2 an hour,

I've spoken to *knobface* who has explained the situation and to be honest i think you two need to deal with it.

Miss X.

So,he's wormed his way out of it with her by probably saying we did once go out and it was me bothering him or something like that.I should imagine she has decided to believe it even though she obviously had some suspicions as she asked me about other numbers.

I am dreading work now,it will be hell.

*My name for him,not hers.


SandDancer said...

God, I'm so sorry to hear about this. You really deserve better than this. His behaviour is bad enough but considering you were already friends, no wonder you are upset.

Virtual hugs for you. Take care

Area Trace No Search said...

Why bother?

Sorry Girl, not nice - I think anyone in your situation would be confused at the least.

Chapati said...

I've recently discovered your blog and have been lurking and background reading. I really feel for you, you really don't deserve to be treated that way - no-one does.

Virtual hugs too...

Rae!xx said...

FFS, the spineless bastard, arghhhh this is atrocious behavior from a fellow human being, where does he get off? I am cross, very cross with him and you in no way deserve this knobface.


Rae!xx said...

I am just popping by to send you another (((hug)))


Girl*Next*Door said...

What a grade A twat :o(

*hugs* to you hun xx

Rae!xx said...

Just checking to make sure your ok? and throwing you a big (((hug))) xx

Rae!xx said...

Just checking in to make sure you ok?...(hugs) x

B.o.b said...

when are you going to update your blog , we are all wondering how you are doing,and what the next chapter is , i hope you are bearing up and life is getting better for you , do take care