Sunday, September 07, 2008

shopping round up

I went shopping today to take my mind off my 'man at work' who has gone on holiday without me,I might blog it later but its too complicated for now.I bought these shoes for work,when I have to be smart as they're not too high.

This organic shopping bag,she asked me if I wanted one to put my purchases in,so I said yes and paid for my own shopping bag,mmmmm.

Chunky cardigan,to wear with jeans and Uggs.

This All Saints lookalike cardigan,alot cheaper than the actual All Saints ones I have!

This dress-not steamed the creases out here but you get the idea!Just need somewhere to wear it now,I thought it was quite Westwood?

These peeptoes,not that I can walk in them....

I did get a few other bits,mainly knickers but no-one needs to see those!


Chapati said...

nice purchases! esp the shoes..

Girl*Next*Door said...

The shoes are lovely, I like a lot. And the dress is fab, really suits you :o)

Where's the stripey cardigan from? I want something like that to go with my skinny jeans & the like.

Hope you feel better soon T xx