Monday, September 01, 2008

I met a blogger the other night...............

Mr ATNS,whose funny blog is here decided to go for a drink local to both our patches,probably so that we could both run off and know where we were (even though I forgot where we were meeting!) if the other one turned out to be a physcho (sp?).He wasnt,isn't.
What do 2 people who have never met before talk about-not sure but it didnt seem to be a problem and we chatted away like we'd already met (I thought),we did a deal to get much coveted Gucci kit (police love collecting uniform that they shouldnt have!)and realised that we'd both been to the same gruesome job at the same time.
Anyway Mr ATNS,thank you for cheering me up-I am not normally so indecisive (I don't think!) but as you know,I am not quite myself atm.

And the most important topic of the night,'are we going to blog this?'.It would have been rude not to.

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