Monday, July 26, 2010

round up

Since my bitch of a buyer pulled out I have been putting my flat back into some sort of presentable state.Most of my bits & pieces have been packed up and are now stored in my friends garage,so it looks quite bare but hopefully still with enough features to make it stand out from the rest.The lady whose place I still want to buy is house hunting again and so am I ,just in case.I went to see another place very similar to the original property but £15k more and in a slightly different location,it was very 'me' inside and looke dbigger but on checking the measurements it was actually a bit smaller so it gives me more of an idea of what 'my' property will look like when its done up.

this chest of drawers (Ebay sellers please take note,its not 'draws' or 'chester draws'),it needs painting or re-waxing as its somewhat dull in finish,when I went to collect it I thought it wasn't as good as the description as the man carried it out for me and it looked paperlight.When I came to get it out of my car I realised it was heavy and made of solid wood.
I really want a 50's vibe in my new place,and I thought this table was a good way to mix in my mirrored and shabby chic furniture with my wooden pieces.I also cheered myself up with these...
hand knit cardie
Chanel-esque cardie
beach kaftan
close up of kaftan buttons

linen mix trousers,good for smart workwear
cat shopper
River Island rose sandals
lace parka
All Primark except the sandals,I wasn't sure about the lace parka but thought I would regret it if  didn't pick it up,I wore it today when it rained so I love it!


Vintage Vixen said...

Those two pieces of furniture are just glorious! I'm glad for illiterate eBay sellers, you wouldn't believe how many "maksi" dresses I snap up.
Great clothing finds, love the RI sandals. Fingers crossed for a positive outcome with the flat. xxx

thoughts running through my head.... said...

maksi??no way!I'm going to have a look for them now,there used to be a site called goofbay or something that you could search for misspelled listings on-not sure if its still going though.

Becky said...

I love the mirrored table, I hope everything works out with the flat soon.