Sunday, July 04, 2010


maxi dresses
BBQ's-I did my 1st one today, I thought they were supposed to be hard??
car boot sale bargains
new job.

this weekend I got a maxi dress at last!!  (photo in a bit) so I've been in that today as well, I wore it to a BBQ last night with a 30's arm bangle I bought ages ago. (I am quaffing wine now so thats the reason this may not make any sense!!)

AT the BBQ last night my friends friend was there whom I have never liked. We used to always be at the same events and night outs years ago and she was always dismissive and not interested in anyone else other than our friend in common, she aso NEVER used to buy any drinks or bring any when we gathered at someones house,anyway she hasn't changed at all. She turned up last night empty handed which I think is rude, yet she happily drinks the wine I bought with me. rude, especially when someone has spent ££££ on food!

My new job is hard atm, the work isn't but its hard not being with people who know me and get my sense of humour etc. I know it will come in time but I feel a bit lonely atm at work.

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Vintage Vixen said...

She sounds a charmer. Wonder if anyone else noticed her behaviour.
Can't wait to see a snap of you in a maxi.
Hope work gets better.