Friday, July 16, 2010


that, if you know me, is a saying of mine when other words just won't do.

I fully admit I am one of life's pessimists because I seem to get the shitty end of the stick way too often so my observations are that anything that can go wrong will etc etc.My buyer has pulled out without telling anyone.I heard this today at 4 o/clock so have no time to sort anything out, why can't anything go right for me?The flat is back on the market and I am trying to salvage the chain because I want the place I am offering on, if I lose that I won't get another place comparable at that price.
Bloody bitch!
My friend has been here all evening luckily, so I am just gobsmacked rather than upset at the moment.She is joining the job as a special, God help her, so I have been googling dead bodies to show her what they look like.She is hiding her face.


Laura said...

Oh no thats such bad news, im really feeling for you. I'll keep everything crossed you get an offer soon.
My sis has now completed her police training and saw her first dead body last week - sounded fairly horrific to me.urghhh! x

The doll on fashion

thoughts running through my head.... said...

oh good for her, dead bodies aren't as bad as you imagine unless its hot-congrats to her L.xx

SandDancer said...

Sorry to hear about your sale falling through - only just catching up with your blog now. How stressful. Hope your luck changes soon.