Wednesday, July 07, 2010

5 years

ago, I was 5 weeks out of training school and thought the job would always be as dramatic as that day. Thrown in at the deep end, on my own with no tutor to tell me what to do (not that mine really ever did anyway) you just get on with it and do what feels right but the one thing that nearly made me walk away from the job wasn't the things I saw or had to deal with it was the hours we worked for weeks and weeks afterwards, being forced to spend hours on end standing up, sweating in tube stations and eating McDonalds (yuk!) in dirty rooms with not enough chairs to sit down on. My feet have never hurt as much as they did at that time and now I always have spare kit/clothes ready in my locker 'just in case' after that because you just never know do you?

*not me in the pic by the way!

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