Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Something another blogger ,Vintage Vixen, posted made me remember how much I loved clothes when I was little.I can still remember specific items I had,particulary from when I was about 6 or 7.

  • a navy velvet t-shirt with red stars,my M+D have a photo of me wearing this somewhere which I can remember being taken.
  • a Jimmy Osmond t-shirt-showing my age big time now!!
  • a navy Charlies Angels jumpsuit-I loved this to death!
  • a crochet squares tank top.stylish or what?
  • a pink nylon faux-patchwork dress,very 70's stylee.I used to wear the tank top over this!
  • pink,blue and yellow patchwork clog style shoes.
  •  a red coat with massive faux fur collar.
  • bubblegum pink crimplene flares!
I had a real thing about shoes,when I would get a new pair-usually before starting back at school after the summer holidays I would sleep with them on my pillow.I had to have them in sight when I went to sleep and even when I was in my teens I used to always leave my new shoes in sight near the bed before sleeping.*weird*. I once borrowed a friends clogs,aged about 6 and didnt want to give them back because I loved them so much and desperately wanted a pair myself.
Is it any wonder I love clothes so much??


Annette said...

I brought a red t-shirt which had very small black high heeled shoes on it.I don't know whether you can imagine it really, but I fell in love with it.
Looking back on old photos, how we laughed, every time I was in one, I was wearing that t-shirt!!!
I was about 15 years old.
Don't remember what happened to it, must have thrown it away at sometime, but it must have broke my heart.
How funny is that!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Ah, nosalgia! I remember a Joe 90 tote bag, burgundy cord hotpants, red Dr Scholl sandals, a Love Is teeshirt, heart-shaped Lolita glasses and bellbottom jeans with patchwork on the knees. xxxx

Annette said...

I loved those.
School uniform:
We had to wear a grey pleted skirt which was always knee length but back in those day mini skirts were in, so we used to turn the waist band over and over until it was shorter.
The skirts used to be quite high at the front and lower at the back. But we thought we were 'IT'
What ever did we look like???