Monday, August 16, 2010


I bought these today,its the first time for ages I've been into central London and had a look around,it wasn't crazy busy so it was bearable.I went into Banana Republic for the first time and bought this top-it looks really mumsy in the photo but on it looks slightly pretty,slightly edgy ands covers my fat bits-I am feeling bloated today even though I am still doing my diet.
Banana Republic £55
these Topshop shoes,I tried them on ages ago and I don't know why I didn't buy them then as I really like them,again they are that mix of pretty and edgy that I love.
Topshop £22
I also got this corsage from H&M,I had loads of these years ago but this one caught my eye as it has a brooch pin and a hairclip on the back so can be used for clothes or hair.
H&M £3.99
This sweater I got last week,the skull is more subtle irl.
Boohoo £18
going shopping in Central London gave me back my fashion mojo somewhat,I usually can't bear the crowds but it wasn't too busy on a Monday,and it was nice to see how other women were dressing and get some inspiration.In Cos I saw 2 women who must have been in their late 40's or early 50's who looked AMAZING.One of them had very blonde hair,tattoos up her arms and was wearing a longline striped top with beige leggings with buttons on the ankles and worn pulled down over her heels and red shoes worn over them,she looked so good,a really good mix of feminine and edgy (I keep saying edgy today!),her friend was more subtley dressed but also looked amazing with a draped cardigan,cage shoes and a gorgeous slouchy bag with chain detail.They both had managed to dress for their age but also with an edge that made me think they must have been in the music industry or something!


Laura said...

Nice buys L! I'm slowly collecting corsages despite rarely wearing them. They are so pretty though.

The doll on fashion

Rydia Lavenia said...

H&M just opened in the local mall!!! I love everything and it's so inexpensive! Fantastic! Glad to be a part of the H&M club!