Monday, August 30, 2010

this is maudlin.........

If you are a SATC fan then you will know the episode when Carries Manolo's get stolen and she has a rant about all the investment (monetary and emotional) she has put into other people's lives and celebrations and she wants payback.Thats a bit how I feel atm.Its not about the money, its the time and effort I put into other peoples kids,wedding,engagements and the like and I do wonder if I would ever get the same back if I had the same things to celebrate? And then I think why haven't I got those things to celebrate in my life? On Saturday I went to my ex-colleagues wedding, he is the man I unexpectedly fell for whilst we were working together (this is not a repeat of m@w!!) and we had a 'moment' where we both shocked each other by realising we liked each other,anyway nothing else happened after that because he was always going to get married and I knew I would fall for him if we didn't stay strictly friends, and it would be wrong but damn it he is so lovely! I am gutted he is married.
Cant say anymore, I stopped myself posting this yesterday as I was a bit upset, not that I have any right but still.

On the plus side I have now lost a stone in weight since I started dieting,if I pull my finger out I could lose more.

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Annette said...

That is a very awkward situation, isn't it? must have been painful for you tho.
If I'm honest (mustn't let geoff see this!) I, too, fell for a man,only a couple of months ago.
I never did tell him, because I just can't go to someone and tell them, but we were very close at work and everyone always said If I wasn't married they reckoned we would get together.
He had a lot of personal problems and he confided in me, I was pleased to help but it upset me to see him like this and he did cry on my shoulder a few times.
He was with a girlfriend but they split up and then he left asda. When I phoned him he put the phone down when he realised it was me and never did ring me back.
It's painful, but there we are, thats life.
Someone will come along one day for you. I know they will. Keep your chin up, as they say, it will happen.