Sunday, January 16, 2011

laid up

I had an op on my foot 10 days ago and I've been off work since then and stuck indoors as I can't drive with it bandaged up and I can't walk properly either, although thats getting easier and I've been up to the local shop and post office-whoo!
I was nearly crying with boredom until Thursday when it seemed to improve somewhat and since then I have been listing things on Ebay (now I know I can get to the post office) and sorting 'stuff' out and doing all those little household jobs I am usually too lazy or too busy to do, like cleaning the oven out! I have been online ALOT and have read a few books already, and watched all the DVD's I hadn't seen yet, but I will be so glad to go back to work. Its been one extreme to the other with work as I was so busy in December which seems an age away now and I worked so much OT that I just wanted to be off work, now I want to be back. I think I have realised how much I need to go out to work, I am not cut out to be a couch potato fulltime!

I finally bought the Carvela Scorpio boots I was raving about after they were reduced to £69, but I can only wear one atm! I also recieved the Pepe jeans in a bigger (!) size but they are another thing  can't wear as I cant get them on over my bandage!



♥ Sadie ♥ said...

Ouch, hope it heals for you soon hun. Nice boots :) x

Vintage Vixen said...

I feel your pain. Poor you, hope things speed up recovery-wise very soon. xxx

Annette said...

Hope you get better soon.
love the boots ( as always!!LOL)

thoughts running through my head.... said...

thank you ladies!!
Annette you fellow boot perve!!

The doll on fashion said...

Poor you, I hope you manage to get your new boots on soon, They look very comfy! x

The doll on fashion

Becky said...

Hope you're fully recovered soon!