Sunday, January 16, 2011

update on sale buys

I think I have sent everything back that I ordered -some of it in a Tramadol haze, except the Pepe jeans and the Topshop Proto boots and I went ahead and ordered the Carvela boots after trying them instore, oh the irony of ordering so many gorgeous boots when I can't wear them! Oh and I bought a new fridge freezer because mine was falling to bits! I think the next thing will have to be a car because it is starting to go wrong all of a sudden, 2 days before I had my op the battery died completely on me and now the brakes are playing up-I think its the brakes anyway as it wouldn't move when my friend started it up, then when it finally did move they 'didn't sound right', very technical eh? Bound to be £££££££££££££££'s


Annette said...

oh thoughts, talking about cars I have a k reg polo.
She won't go through another MOT.
I paid £400.00 last year on her.
Geoff went mad, you see shes only scrap materal, in fact, no-one will have her scrap. because that is scrap too! Theres something good about having a oldish car, you can thrash it about a bit!
so now we are looking for a newish one for me., I only drive them to work 2 miles away.
I had a polo before and she had to be scraped, I cried for 2 hours!
Won't have anything else but a polo, I love those cars.
Break my heart when shes gone tho.

thoughts running through my head.... said...

Annette, I go the car sorted it was just because it ws sat out in the cold with the handbrake on for a week so after being driven round the block for a bit it's ok. I think Geoff is right TBH, its not worth spending £400 on a car if you wont make the money back, you could get anthoer old but reliable car for that price, especially if its only to and from work. Or you could get a motorbike (!);-)

Annette said...

A motorbike???
I can't ride one of them.
Yes you are right about the amount I spent on her it was too much, but I could not let her go!!!
I get so attached to my car, it's my little farreri!!!