Saturday, January 01, 2011

sale shopping!!!er, and full price.

Linda Evangelista's quote made cloth!

 Topshop t-shirt with Linda Evangelista's infamous quote, assuming she ever actually said it! Not arrived yet.
TS scallop edge vest £15
 Topshop plain vest,  only really ordered this to bring the total to over £100 to get free postage )returns are free).Not arrived yet.
TS Proto boots £50 (sale)
 Gorgeous Topshop Proto hi-tops, these are what I originally wanted to order,they were £50 from £100.Hope the size 5 fits as the 4 were out of stock but I notice they are now back in stock annoyingly!Not arrived yet.
TS cape top £32
 Topshop cape top, an order filler but I thought it would be one of those tops that either looks amazing on or totally crap.Not arrived yet.

All Saints cupid blouse, I ordered this as 'normal' shirts and blouses lok crap on me and I though if it works, it would be a good shirt for work on the rare days I have to wear officewear, I like to try and keep a bit of fashion in what  wear at work,even though it can be very conservative.
All Saints cupid top £25 (sale)    

Carvela Scorpio boots £99 (sale)
 Absolutely TDF Carvela boots, I havent ordered these as I am hoping they get reduced a bit more or I can get a discount code to lessen the cost a bit, but I love them!

warehouse swallow silk blouse £46.75
 Warehouse silk blouse, apparently sold out now but I dont think it does anything for me, even though I love the print, its pretty but looks like tattoos. Loved for the same reasons as the All Saints blouse above.
warehouse blouse £20
 Sale buy, going back as its teeny and I cant get it across my boobs, I might rebuy in a bigger size if I see it further reduced.
current/elliot jeans £95 (sale)
 TDF Current/Elliot biker jeans.Have totally loved these snce my lovely friend got some but 1. they are too small on me and 2. they dont look AMAZING on me which I owuld expect them to do for that price!Going back.
pepe jeans £42 (sale)
 Sale buy, nice fit but then I have had to order the bigger size!
ASOS treggings £18 I think
Awful ASOS own brand,going back!


bibbitybob said...

I love those proto boots. Now trying to be good and not order them!!

Annette said...

We seem to like the same boots as well.
There are lovely, bit expensive tho.