Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Have you ever wondered how and why you are friends with your friends?I have just spent an hour and a half killing myself laughing on the phone to my friend who,on paper,shouldn't be my friend-we used to work together,he is 12 years younger than me,a lad's lad in a lad's job,when I'm the female minority.We have nothing in common but managed to find a common ground when we worked together,I suppose we were an odd couple,but we had a laugh and backed each other up when needed.Sounds easy enough but it is rare enough for me to value it.Infact all my friends would be an odd but fantastic bunch if they were ever all in a room together,I doubt any of them have anything in common with the others,amongst the jobs they have are HR director/creative director for a major fashion chain/IT consultant/prison psychologist/police/pensions assistant/point of sale director/visual merchandising manager/buyers/SA's, god,I just realised that alot of my friends are directors of something,now I feel inadequate!!!

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