Saturday, November 11, 2006

men and shopping etc

**just added this to show how worth it it was-she loved it!!**

God,I went shopping today and it was hellish,mainly because of people doing their xmas shopping,but also because of men!Why do men litter the shops up standing around infront of rails of womens clothes,blocking the aisles,gawping at you when you're trying to look through the rails,I know they are shopping with their gf's,but really,leave them outside or get them to stand out of MY WAY!

I managed to get my god-daughter the fire truck thingy she wants for xmas,it is big,and as I carried it towards my beloved car (how did I ever manage without you?)I swear it grew in size,by the time I got to the car park it felt nearly as big as me,it'll definately be bigger than she is!Bargain though,half price!

X-Factor-I love Eton Road,they are so quirky.

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