Thursday, November 09, 2006

things I am thinking about atm

synchronised swimmers have just been on London Tonight,and it made me wonder-that must be one of the best exercises that there is,water-aerobics-so why do you always see slightly chubby ladies doing it?I am not knocking their figures,but how come they arent toned to the hilt?I don't get it.
Also,I need to wear smart/casual at work,but not show any cleavage and be comfortable-but I just can't do it right.I can do smart office wear,I can do fashion wear and I can do very casual.I just cannot do 'smartcasual'.

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Peyotitlan said...

Smart casual doesn't really exist, it is a lame excuse for executives who couldn't be arsed and nobody had the heart to tell them that they look like Alan Partridge...