Saturday, April 21, 2007

a rant

I have got to have a rant about my DS,he is pissing me off big time!!!What follows is pure slagging him off,but I'm allowed to as its my blog!

He is overweight,yet has made comments about what I'm wearing looking like maternity wear (see a previous rant about his!)he always comments on what I'm wearing,thinking he's funny when he's not-I mean this man wears light wash jeans that are pulled up high and probably come from a supermarket ffs.I bought doughnuts last week,only because I wanted one and I had to buy that fat fucker one too or I would never hear the end of it,and he was coming out with some comment about 'oh,I hope they're not the cheapo ones',I swear I could have punched the bastard,instead I said 'well if you dont want it!?',this idiot earns way more than I do btw.Then I drags me out for a drink after work last week,and I had told him I was skint until I got paid,he says he'll buy,I order a Magners,which was 'pricey' at £4,and he hasnt stopped going on about it since,he even mentioned it after the weekend,saying I had had the most expensive Magners in London-that,in my books is so crass!I should just give the sodding £4 back if he's that tight.*And* to top it all,he doesnt know what he's talking about half the time-he's very good at looking like he's doing something when really he's filling in the Times crossword,but when you try and pin him down for an answer,he doesnt really give you a clear answer,cos HE DOESN'T KNOW!All his usual team hate him and I can really see why,I know he has to 'supervise' and do other sergeanty things,but compared to the amount of work we all do,he does nothing,also when I have been given a task to go out to some rough,'not police friendly' estate to get a statement,he's happy for me to go alone,even though I am on restricted duties atm but when HE has to go out and od some work 'out on the street' he always makes me or someone else,mainly unlucky me though,go with him!
God I hate him at the moment,I cant wait to get better and get away from him!


Annette said...

I,m sorry I'm not sure what that means.
But however, how bloody annoying for you.
I would have hit him by now and told him to p*** off!
Can't you make an excuse next time he asks you to go out with him? Or doesn't it work that way?

My husband geoff has a friend just like him. (he was our friend but I have really gone off him now)
I find he is the most boring and self-centred man I have ever met.
He thinks all the women love him,but in fact, they all laugh at him behind his back!
All he ever talks about is him,him,him.
He never lets you live anything down, he keeps on about it for months and months.Yes it was funny at the time, and everyone has a good laugh but after a few months have gone by ........How bloody boring is that!!!
I used to love going out with them but not now, I just cannot be bothered to be bored all night after a hard days work.

At least you know it isn't just you who dislikes him.
Next time you buy a doughnut, buy him one but don't tell him you brought it.
Cut a little hole in it and pour salt into it.
Sit back and watch him spit it out as he takes a big mouthful! He will probably never eat another doughnut again.

GirlNextDoor said...

I think you may have been landed with the brother of my boss, weirdly I did a complete ranty post on my boss today after the day I had yesterday. I want a woman boss & I want her now! lol

Don't think I don't know you have this blog... said...

Sounds like a man destined for greatness. A tendency toward fiscal prudence and a desire to maximise the flexibility of the team should see me well on the way to DCI. Oh, and don't put salt in my doughnut. That's a noxious substance in this context and you wouldn't want to be administering that, would you ?

Sorry - sounds like a tosser. Sadly, a tendency toward penny-pinching and a complete inability to carry out simple actions without assistance should see him well on the way to DCI. Don't use salt, use Encona pepper sauce istead of jam......lovely effect.

totallyun-pc said...

One of my old team officers phoned me the other week as she was having trouble with her new boss (sgt).
I'm sure you know your options.... but I'll tell you what I told her. If you think things have gone as far as you are willing to let them with his behaviour, Get him and your Fed/union rep into an office and put it straight. Tell him you don't want to cause trouble, but your not scared to do so. This stops, or you stop it. The ball is firmly in his court. He either stops or gets worse. If it gets worse he now commits offences under descrimination laws, and if in the police, also under fairness and dignity at work.

She tried it, he reacted negetively. He has been moved. no one on her team holds a grudge against her, she has been admired for taking on a bully.
I've never had bullies on my teams... they know they would last seconds. X

thoughts running through my head.... said...

tupc,its not as bad as that-he's just a knob who thinks he's a man of the world,when really he's a soft lad !!I was bullied by an A/PS when I first started,but 2 weeks away from work and my friend saying 'are you gonna put up with that?'and I had him sorted.